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Russia and the USA will rescue uranium from terrorists

the General director of the state corporation Rosatom Sergey Kirienko has declared that Russia and the USA intend to translate uranium manufacture on the territories from those countries where nuclear fuel can come into the hands of terrorists and where there are no necessary safety conditions for storage of such dangerous substances.
today S.Kirienko and the first deputy of the Minister of Energy of the USA Daniel Poneman have signed in Moscow the executive cooperation agreement in respect of studying of possibility of transfer of the Russian research reactors for use nizkoobogashchennogo uranium fuel (NOU). Agreement signing became result of two-day session Russian - the American presidential commission created under the reached arrangement between leaders of Russia by Dmitry Medvedev and the USA by Barack Obama.
by words With. Kirienko, will be a question in the beginning of six Russian research reactors located in Moscow (Institute of Kurchatova, MEPhI) and the Ulyanovsk region.
the head Rosatom has informed that within the limits of this program are taken already out on territory of Russia and the USA from an order of 30 countries about 2700 kg of uranium fuel. As has underlined S.Kirienko, it would be possible to make of this quantity of substance of an order of 112 nuclear warheads. but it does not cancel the general approach: everywhere, where it is possible, to translate research reactors with vysokoobogashchennogo uranium on nizkoobogashchennyj. And if we recommend it to other countries then should set an example and at home. In the USA such program is realised, and we only begin - has added S.Kirienko.
in turn D.Poneman has declared that the main idea of the signed agreement consists in safety strengthening in the world and a mode of non-distribution of the nuclear weapon. Russia and the USA should be active participants of this process, the American official considers.
we will remind that on July, 6th 2009. Presidents of Russia D.Medvedev and the USA B.Obama during negotiations in Moscow have agreed about creation of the bilateral presidential commission which they will head. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov and US state secretary Hillari Clinton co-ordinate its activity. The commission includes working groups. Chairmen of working group Nuclear power and nuclear safety are the head Rosatom S.Kirienko and the first deputy of the Minister of Energy of the USA D.Poneman.