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WikiLeaks: the American ABM is necessary to Poland for protection against the Russian Federation

True motive of Poland in its desire to participate in European system of antimissile defence (ABM) under the aegis of USA is restraint of Russia, instead of protection against a potential rocket attack from Iran or Syria. It follows from variety of the confidential diplomatic documents extracted by site WikiLeaks, the British newspaper Guardian which is one of international media partners WikiLeaks writes.
According to the edition, Moscow for certain will regard these materials as one more proof of that plans of potential participants of the American antimissile project include restraint of Russia, despite regular public statements in the return.
in 2009γ. The Presidential Administration of the USA of Barack Obama assured the Polish authorities that new strategy of Washington in the field of the ABM, directed on protection against rocket start-up from Iran or Syria, can be adapted for destruction “ the rockets which have been started up from any places “ including from Russia.
“ sea antimissile platforms can provide ability of a prompt reply to threats from unforeseen directions, objects of land basing can be equipped still by a considerable quantity of interceptors if threat level raises, and a radar can be reoriented “ - the American embassy in Warsaw after consultations of the Polish party reported.
a series of the American diplomatic messages, dated 2008 - 2009γγ., specifies in obvious aspiration of Warsaw to catch military resources of the USA and the NATO, but in documents the dual position and the vigilance of the USA caused by fear before new cold war also are traced. So, at a meeting with the American senators in May 2009γ. The adviser of the president of Poland Vitold Vashchikovsky did not hide the emotions: “ What is the time still it is necessary for you to realise, what Russia and Iran will not exchange? “
we will remind, in October 2009γ. The USA and Poland have agreed about placing in the Polish territory of complexes of antiaircraft defence Patriot. According to arrangements between Warsaw and Washington, the American rocket complexes take place in Poland in the educational purposes on a rotational basis within two years. Educational arms are deployed in a place of Morong in the north of Poland, near to border with the Kaliningrad region the Russian Federation. It is supposed that in the long term on base in Moronge command points with the American rockets SM - 3 will be placed that is a part of global antimissile strategy of administration of B.Obama.
Russia repeatedly spoke against placing in Poland, near to the borders, the American rocket complexes, calling into question the military logic of these actions. Moscow supports construction of collective system of the European safety based on principles of equality, paritetnosti and transparentnosti.