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EU is disturbed by infringements on elections in Russia

the Supreme representative of EU on foreign affairs and a security policy Ketrin Eshton named elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation well prepared and organised however has expressed concern infringements, bias of mass-media and a number of other factors, transfers Reuters.
Numerous procedural infringements, absence of impartiality of mass-media, indistinct division of party and the state and preventing to independent monitoring of a course of elections, - all it causes anxiety - she has declared.
K.Eshton has expressed hope that the problems revealed by observers, will be solved by the authorities of the Russian Federation and considered at carrying out of presidential election in March 2012.
we Will remind, serious concern quality of carrying out of parliamentary elections in Russia has the day before stated also US State Secretary Hillari Clinton. In the speech the head of the American foreign policy department also has underlined that the Russian voters deserve carrying out of careful investigation of all infringements revealed during voting.
later the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation H.Clinton has scarified statements, naming them unacceptable . In the Russian foreign policy department have reminded that the electoral system of the USA is far from perfect also have advised to states to attend to the analysis of the reasons of this situation and ways of its correction . In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation also have urged the American side to abstain further from similar unfriendly attacks .