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D.Cameron has told, than it does not accept EU reform

London will not sign the plan of modification of the European conventions if it does not contain guarantees of interests of Great Britain. Such statement was made by the British prime minister - minister David Cameron, transfers Reuters.
I refuse to sign any contract which will infringe upon interests of Great Britain in such spheres, as protection of the uniform market and the market of financial services - D.Cameron in teleinterview has declared.
the permission of the European debt crisis is the main priority for Great Britain. Undoubtedly, the eurozone countries should take a resolute joint step. If modification of European Union conventions Great Britain will insist on observance of own interests " is meant it; - he has added.
we Will remind, German chancellor Angela Merkel and the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy have finished work on the plan of modification of the European conventions. They have specified that modification of European Union conventions would be preferable, however thus the European leaders are ready to consider the problem modification of eurozone agreements (which 17 states will concern only).
the European agreements it is planned to change so that they included point of imposing of automatic sanctions on infringers of budgetary discipline (in the event that the state budgeted deficit exceeds the established limit in 3 % of gross national product). Besides, Merkozi insists on that the special European body could supervise national budgets of 17 states of an eurozone.