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EU urges Russia to enter embargo on oil from Iran

the European Union countries have reached a consensus concerning introduction of the oil embargo against Iran. The Supreme commissioner of EU has informed on it on electric power industry of Gjunter Ettinger, addressing to journalists on 20 - m the World oil congress in capital of Qatar to the Fur-coat, transfers Reuters.
According to G.Ettingera, the contract on introduction of embargo on the Iranian oil should unite not only the EU countries, but also other large importers of oil, such as the USA and Russia. It is necessary to notice that sanctions of the USA against Iran in oil and gas area operate even since Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979.
Thus many experts notice that the definitive agreement on an interdiction for import of the Iranian oil trudnodostizhimo as many European countries very much depend on its deliveries, in particular against reduction of import from Libya and imposing of economic sanctions to Syria. That is full embargo on the Iranian oil probably only in case of the further serious deterioration of diplomatic relations of Islamic Republic and the EU countries, is believed by experts.
we will remind, on November, 21st 2011. The USA, Great Britain and Canada declared input concerning Iran the unilateral sanctions directed against power and financial sectors of the Iranian economy. Thus the authorities of France have suggested to enter new unprecedented sanctions including to freeze actives of the Central bank of Iran, and also to suspend purchase of the Iranian oil.
the report of the International organisation on atomic energy (IAEA) in which it was said that Iran to 2003 became the reason of new sanctions. Conducted the works directed on creation of the nuclear weapon, and that similar activity can be conducted and to this day.