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Triumphal meetings in Moscow: the Kremlin did not count on thousand enemies

Mass protest actions of elections dissatisfied with results in the State Duma which pass the second day in Moscow, have appeared unexpectedness for the authorities. To dilute the revolting centre of capital with the supporters, the Kremlin in an emergency mode has spent celebrating of a fair victory an United Russia .
For party in power support have been mobilised about 2 thousand schoolboys in white jackets. However even it has not rescued United Russia party members for national anger and the future transformations: the newspaper source daily in Presidential Administration considers that ER the next 5 years reformat . Moreover, the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev ostensibly any more will not lead party.
as soon as it became clear that on Monday, on December, 5th, on parkway Chistoprudnyj in Moscow left from 5 to 7 thousand The person, parliamentary elections dissatisfied with results, in the Kremlin the emergency meeting has been called, marks the edition.
already next day in capital have started to pull together armies: military men of a division have been directed to a city to them. Dzerzhinsky. The chief a press - services of internal troops Vasily Panchenkov assures that it is necessary for safety of citizens.
from - for the Moscow meetings to employees of presidential administration it is necessary to leave deep from work for a midnight. Thus they are assured that the discontent wave will soon settle. well how many they now will gather? These... Enemies? Two hundred persons? Well yesterday there were these unfortunate three thousand - one of officials considers.
however it becomes clear that protesting already have achieved certain results. The interlocutor of the edition has assumed that an United Russia a minimum in 5 years reformat and D. Medvedev precisely will not lead now party in which federal list it was the first number.
moreover, yesterday a press - Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov`s secretary has let know that the prime minister also will not stake on an United Russia . As he said, the head of the government directly has been never connected with this party. We will remind that during long time V.Putin was considered as the non-party leader United Russia party members .
the First zamglavy Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov in the interview which have been laid out the day before in ZHZH, has expressed opinion that time such inquiry is at the population, it is necessary to allow to system to be opened . He also has hinted at possibility of creation of right party.
we will remind, on December, 5th and 6 in Moscow have passed protest actions against results of elections to Duma. Both demonstrations have collected approximately on 5 thousand persons. Meetings have ended with collisions with police and zaderzhanijami oppositional leaders - the leader Other Russia Edward Limonova, the co-chairman of movement Solidarity Boris Nemtsov, legal expert Lva Ponomareva and even the chairman of the party the Apple Sergey Mitrokhin.
everything, by different estimations, have been detained from 300 to 500 persons, many of them on - former remain in branches. Besides, the police has tied 60 persons on similar meeting in St.-Petersburg. The day before for 15 days of arrest have received headed the first action on Pure ponds one of leaders Solidarity Ilya Yashin and known bloger - unmasker Alexey Navalnyj: them have accused of disobedience to police officers.