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Ŕmnesty International recognised Navalnogo and Yashin “ prisoners of conscience “

Representatives of international human rights organisation Amnesty International have declared the day before that consider the detained oppositionists Alexey Navalnogo and Ilya Yashin “ prisoners of conscience “. It is accepted to include all peace demonstrators detained for attempt to realise the constitutional law on a freedom of speech and meetings In this category.
in interview “ to the Businessman “ the head of Moscow branch Amnesty International Sergey Nikitin has explained that state charge statements contradict the real facts. I.Yashin and A.Navalnogo, and also some honeycombs of persons, arrested persons after the peace action on Pure ponds, have accused of police insubordination.
however numerous videorecordings and statements of eyewitnesses testify that picketers did not have a technical possibility to leave an action place, therefore it was difficult to demonstrators to obey to police requirements.
On the eve of the world judge of the Tver court of capital has sentenced oppositionists to 15 days of arrest. Journalists and the usual citizens who were present at session, have agreed in opinion that all process reminded a farce and circus more likely. Spectators have specified in the numerous remedial infringements admitted by the judge.
in particular when protection blogera A.Navalnogo has invited two witnesses who had on laptops of record of detention of oppositionists, the judge has declared that will not study video, as at court “ there is no their technical possibility to look “. Thus videos proved that A.Navalnyj did not interfere with police officers.
Besides, and on I.Yashin`s business, and on A.Navalnogo`s business state charge has given two identical witnesses. However protection blogera doubts that these “ witnesses “ really detained oppositionists. The judge has not accepted arguments of lawyers to consideration and instead has actually started to shout at representatives of protection.
we will notice that “ witnesses “ recognised that A.Navalnyj pushed nobody, “ resisted, but it is not active “. However the court has come to a conclusion that A.Navalnyj showed resistance to employees of the law and order. Thus the court in attention has not been accept softening circumstances - presence of two minor children on expense and absence of criminal history.
we will remind, more than 300 persons have been detained upon termination of the peace authorised action on Pure ponds on December, 5th where have gathered more than 5 thousand the persons dissatisfied with a course and results of elections to Duma.