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Young lawyers of Russia will defend the judge O.Borovkovu in dispute from A.Navalnym

Movement Young lawyers of Russia intend to support the world judge 370 - go a site of the Tver area of Moscow Olga Borovkovu if oppositionists Alexey Navalnyj and Ilya Yashin with the supporters try to put pressure upon court. About it it is told in the official statement of the organisation which have come to the address of agency.
on the eve of O.Borovkova recognised blogera A.Navalnogo and the co-chairman of movement Solidarity I.Yashin guilty of disobedience to legal requirements of law enforcement officers also has appointed punishment in the form of administrative arrest to 15 days.
dissidents have disagreed with a verdict and have made the appeal complaint which should be considered today. In movement Young lawyers of Russia have noticed that if Oppositional politicians will decide to express the disagreement with the court decision in any illegal form lawyers will use the best efforts not to admit pressure upon court .
we Will notice that it not the first time, when Young lawyers become on protection of the judge of O.Borovkovoj. In the spring 2011. They already spent investigation of sensational campaign for the persecution of the judge organised by supporters of Boris Nemtsov . Then lawyers have transferred the List of the judge of O.Borovkovoj in EuroParliament. The list included surnames of persons, involved in persecution however eurodeputies have ignored the reference of lawyers.
we will remind, more than 300 persons, including. Yashin and A.Navalnyj, have been detained upon termination of the peace authorised action on Pure ponds on December, 5th where have gathered more than 5 thousand the persons dissatisfied with a course and results of elections to Duma. Witnesses of process in the Tver court have paid attention to the numerous remedial infringements admitted by O.Borovkovoj.