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eks - the president of Israel have put in prison for rape

Eks - the president of Israel Moshe Katsav starts to leave from now on prison term for rape, after in the beginning 2011. It has been recognised by guilty on the case of crimes of sexual character and is condemned for 7 years of imprisonment, transfers Associated Press.
M.Katsav rejects all charges in the address. According to the former head of the state, the court of Israel has sentenced innocent and buries it alive.
In December 2010. The district court declared eks - the president of Israel guilty of rape of the former employee in 1998., and also sexual harassments in the relation of two more women which worked from M.Katsavom throughout 2000 - 2007. On March, 22nd 2011. The court has sentenced M.Katsava to 7 years of imprisonment. The appeal submitted protection of the former head of the state, remained without satisfaction.
the former employee of office of M. Katsava has accused him of sexual harassments in the beginning of July 2006. Being at that point in time the president of Israel, that rejected all charges and asserted that became object of smear campaign. After M.Katsav has declared that it is ready to combine powers if the Office of Public Prosecutor dares to bring to its official accusations.
however in the beginning 2007., when charges in address - the president of Israel nevertheless have been put forward, that has refused to resign and has asked country parliament to remove from it powers only for time necessary for innocence proofs . In June 2007. M.Katsav, having concluded the bargain with justice, recognised the fault in sexual harassments, but has achieved removal of charges in rape.
it allowed the head of the state to avoid imprisonment, however it should pay monetary indemnifications istitsam and retire. The president of Israel has resigned on July, 1st 2007. - One week before their expiration, according to the country constitution. But in April 2008. M.Katsav has refused the judicial transaction and has declared the innocence and intention to restore reputation.