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The chief of the Joint Staff has told about future split of Europe

the Russian army has started to answer placing in Europe of means of the American system of antimissile defence (evropro), the chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of the Russian Federation general Nikolay Makarov at a meeting with military attaches of the foreign states has informed.
as he said, the Joint Staff has started to realise the measures sounded by the president of Russia by Dmitry Medvedev. Thus N.Makarov has noticed that plans of the USA and the NATO on ABM building conduct to new split of Europe, the radio station " informs; the Beacon . However Russia does not want it - the general has underlined.
D.Medvedev has declared on November, 23rd that Russia will disagree to participate in the program of EvroPRO in its present kind as through 5 - 8 years it is capable to weaken potential of the Russian Federation on strategic restraint. The Russian leader has reminded: Moscow try to calm that the system is not directed against the Russian Federation though legislators in some countries speak opposite.
when Russia brings an attention to the question on that, to put on a paper in the form of accurate unambiguous legal obligations point about nenapravlennosti EvroPRO against Russia, follows rigid refusal, D.Medvedev has underlined.
we take of a reasonable position, we are ready to discuss the status and the maintenance of such obligations. But our colleagues, our partners should understand: these obligations cannot be the general, unfounded. They should be formulated so that Russia not on the basis of promises, and on objective military - to technical criteria could judge, as actions of the United States and the NATO in the field of antimissile defence correspond with their declarations - the president has told.
the Head of the state has added that it should be clear to Russia, whether its interests are infringed, whether the strategic nuclear parity is cracked.
D.Medvedev has charged to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation to put immediately into operation radar station of the early prevention of a rocket attack in Kaliningrad as reaction to refusal of the USA from joint with Russia of plans of EvroPRO.
Besides, he has informed that within the limits of system creation air - space defence of Russia in a prime order cover of objects of strategic nuclear forces " will be strengthened;. Strategic and ballistic missiles which arrive on arms of rocket strategic forces and ours military - marine sea fleet, will be equipped with perspective complexes of overcoming of the ABM and new highly effective fighting blocks - D.Medvedev has told.