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Russia does not have money for police creation

At the Ministry of Finance there are no means for reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As informs daily the whole ten months policemen will exist only on a paper, even signboards and certificates at guards will not exchange from - that money for it will appear only in 2012.
On hand daily there was a letter of the head of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Kudrin to prime minister Vladimir Putin. In it it, referring to the letter of the Ministry of Finance from November, 18th 2010., directed to the address of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, says that its ministry has stated a number essential remarks (to the bill About police ) Which can entail additional account obligations of the state .
In the letter to the prime minister A. Kudrin explains that in the bill sources of financing of some powers of police are not reflected. It is a question of grants for reception by policemen of habitation, about introduction for them obligatory medical insurance and free journey on public transport.
a source daily in the government has specified that questions are caused also by financing of participation of policemen in carrying out of an expert estimation of safety of objects, and also compensation for the help in disclosing of crimes and detention of the persons who have made them, formation and conducting databanks. Will entail additional expenses and realisation of item 25 regulating delivery to the police officer of a breastplate and replacement of uniform.
the document demands completion, on this question meetings will be held still, - have confirmed daily in the Ministry of Finance. - At present in the ministry consider that the offer on the introduction of the bill in force since March, 1st 2011. Unreasonably, as it is not provided by financial resources .
In the Ministry of Internal Affairs about a hard line of the Ministry of Finance know and on Tuesday in this connection even have called to the aid deputies. would ask you to help with our duel with the Ministry of Finance - Sergey Bulavin has addressed to members of the Duma committee on safety zamglavy the Ministry of Internal Affairs. By its estimations, police renaming, change of certificates and change of signboards will manage to the budget approximately in 500 million rbl. next year means for these purposes will be planned in the budget - he has declared contrary to a position of the Ministry of Finance.
in the Ministry of Internal Affairs have underlined, what even in the absence of financing in 2011. Anything terrible will not occur. in financing the main thing - social things. They are registered in the separate law which only is developed, - has noted g - n Fir groves. - Here under it serious injections will really be necessary. But this law will come into force just not earlier than 2012 .