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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: the Georgian special services have arranged the next show

In Moscow regard detention in Georgia of six persons on charge in the explosion organisation in Tbilisi as “ political show of the Georgian special services “ the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is informed in the statement.
“ the next show put by the Tbilisi authorities, could raise a smile at sane people if the message on  destruction has not arrived at explosion of the elderly woman “ - it is told in the message.
“ it testifies more likely to nonprofessional work of the Georgian special services. In the world have already got used to a stream of messages from the Georgian capital about “ attempts of the Russian invaders “ to destabilise a situation. These stories become all less authentic.
however last invention of a mode of M.Saakashvili has especially provocative colouring. In it attempt to sow seeds of contention with our leading international partners " is looked through; - consider in the Russian foreign policy department.
“ it is obvious to us that before the beginning of the next round of the Geneva discussions across Transcaucasia the president of Georgia wants to attract once again attention, as on the leader “ the most democratic and successful state “ on the post-Soviet territory, to which certain “ malicious forces “ try to prevent in the further development. Comments, as they say, izlishni “ have underlined in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
we will remind, on December, 7th the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has informed that in the organisation of a series of the acts of terrorism, occurred in the autumn 2010γ. In territory of Georgia, have suspected the Russian officer Evgenie Borisova. From September till November of this year, explosions near to a building of embassy of the USA in Tbilisi, at Tbilisi railway station, in the centre of Tbilisi near office of the oppositional Labour party, and also a number of other acts of terrorism have been noted.
the Georgian authorities have informed that all on business six persons, including - the main executor of act of terrorism of Gogita Arkanija are detained. E.Borisov, and also a number of other suspects are now in territory of Abkhazia, confirms Tbilisi.