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V.Putin: What for Dzhuliana Assandzha have hidden in prison?

the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has offered the American critics of the Russian democracy not to low, and to be silent in connection with prosecution of founder WikiLeaks of Dzhuliana Assandzha and its site.
the point of view of premieres has sounded on a press - conferences following the results of Russian - the French negotiations in Moscow, answering a question about published WikiLeaks documents.
according to the prime minister, the American diplomatic services are not a crystal-clear source of the information . If democracy - that full. Then what for Dzhuliana Assandzha have hidden in prison? Know, at us in village so speak: whose cow would low, and you - was silent - V.Putin has told.
he has suggested to send to the American colleagues a reciprocal washer in the form of these words.
Earlier the Kremlin has suggested the public and non-governmental organisations to think how to help the founder of portal WikiLeaks.
we Will remind, the British court has made decision to leave in J. Assandzha under arrest till December, 14th - dates started of following hearings. Justice has refused to J. Assandzhu in clearing on the security in spite of the fact that founder WikiLeaks himself was in police for discussion of charges of the Swedish Office of Public Prosecutor.
at forthcoming hearings in Westminster magistratskom court the question on an extradition of J will be solved. Assandzha to Sweden where against it the investigation on suspicion in rape is carried on.