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On the eve of 30 - thousand meeting there was a quarrel of oppositionists

Leaders of oppositional movements cannot agree among themselves a day before a mass meeting against falsification of results of elections in the State Duma which, by estimations of organizers, can collect about 30 thousand persons in the centre of Moscow.
while leaders of Parnassus Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Ryzhkov have co-ordinated with authorities of the capital meeting on 30 thousand on the Marsh area, a press - the secretary the Left front Anastas Udaltsova together with the co-ordinator the Left front Sergey Udaltsovym this initiative have not supported.
in the comment in A.Udaltsova`s blog has noticed that the agreement on meeting carrying out on the Marsh area have written at it behind the back while it is one of organizers of meeting. A press - the secretary the Left front has suggested not to change an action venue.
it is necessary to notice that before the power of Moscow have allowed to spend the Revolution meeting on the square, only if it does not exceed number in 300 persons, differently the police has promised to disperse demonstrators.
from the Revolution area on the Marsh area representatives of opposition have explained carrying over of meeting to that it was possible to co-ordinate a great number of participants with the authorities. we have made such decision as to substitute under bludgeons of OMON of ten thousand people, many of which leave for the first time on public action, we have counted unacceptable. We regard as of paramount importance safety of participants of the action - has underlined the representative of movement Solidarity the Hope of Mitjushkina which also is the organizer of meeting.
we will remind, the Moscow authorities have co-ordinated carrying out on Saturday, on December, 10th, meeting on the Marsh area. The resolved number - to 30 thousand persons. According to the message of the authorities, the action will pass on the Marsh area with 14. 00 to 18. 00 Moscow time.
Organizers of meeting also have informed that the authorities were obliged to give to participants of meeting unobstructed pass on streets of capital from the Revolution area where will take place gathering of participants of the action, to the Marsh area where will take place meeting.