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H.Clinton otkrestilas from participation in meetings in Moscow

US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has rejected charges of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin who has declared that Washington has provoked mass protest actions against falsification of results of elections in the State Duma in Moscow and other cities of Russia.
during yesterday`s performance on a press - conferences in Bruxelles head Gosdepa has declared that the USA support hopes and the right of Russians to the best future informs Bi - bi - si. She also has noticed that concern concerning results of parliamentary elections in the Russian Federation has the bases .
The day before, on December, 8th, V.Putin has declared that some Russian demonstrators operate under the known scenario and pursue the uzkokorystnye political ends . We know that in our country people do not want such development of a situation, as in Kirghizia or in Ukraine. Anybody does not want chaos - the head of the government has underlined.
the prime minister has noticed that considers necessary to strengthen responsibility for those who tries to interfere with internal policy by request of the foreign states .
It also has scarified H.Clinton from - for its statements for a course of elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. the first that has made the state secretary, has given the characteristic that they dishonest and unfair though yet has not received even materials of observers BDIPCH (Bureau on democratic institutes and human rights). It has set the fashion to some our figures in the country and has given a signal. This signal have heard and with support of Gosdepa of the USA have started to work actively - V.Putin has declared.
we will remind, during a meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of OSCE H.Clinton has declared that the Russian people deserve, that the country authorities have spent full and fair investigation of the infringements revealed on elections. Also H. Clinton has expressed anxiety concerning messages that association activity the Voice has suffered from hacker attacks.