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The Moskva River has split opposition

the Russian opposition has broken up on the threshold of a scale protest action which should take place in the centre of Moscow on Saturday, on December, 10th. The capital action will support more than in 30 large Russian cities, and also in the European capitals, including London, Paris, Prague and Berlin.
originally Organizing committee of joint actions of the Moscow opposition into which enter the Left Front Solidarity Parnassus, parties the MOUTH Front Will the Native land: common sense and the Left socialist action have co-ordinated with the mayoralty of Moscow carrying out of a meeting on the square of Revolution at a monument to Charles Marx.
however mass actions in parkway Chistoprudnom and the Triumphal area have woken on December, 5th and 6 oppositional moods in a society, and suddenly 50 thousand The person have expressed in sotssetjah intention to take part in the Saturday action. As a result the mayoralty of Moscow has directed to oppositionists the offer to move on the Marsh area as the area of Revolution will not contain all interested persons.
the offer behind the signature vitse - the mayor of capital Alexander Gorbenko has been directed addressed to Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Ryzhkova, Nadezhdy Mitjushkinoj, and also Anastasii Udaltsovoj. Representatives of movement Solidarity have accepted the offer and began to agitate people to come on the Marsh area.
this idea eventually have picked up sympathising intending to take part in the Saturday action. So, the journalist the Businessman Oleg Kashin has already declared in a microblog that the Revolution area is that place where will gather ten thousand people. Also it turns out that now the Marsh area becomes this point. The chief - the editor of magazine The New Times Ilya Barabanov also notices in a blog that Meeting is transferred, and it is already come true fact . But now it is essentially important, that on Saturday the mass meeting during the last years has really turned out, the journalist marks. We will remind, the action will pass on the Marsh area with 14. 00 to 18. 00 Moscow time.
the First zamglavy the editor Echo Moscow Vladimir Varfolomeys believes that the decision on meeting carrying over on Marsh quite reasonable, truth, and it has two serious lacks: dergane participants at the last minute and quarrel of organizers.
as these professional oppositionists who even in such trifles are not capable to agree among themselves have already got, and their ambitions spoil common cause... - the journalist has shared opinion. what value has on what coast of the Moskva River will pass the Saturday meeting capable - for the first time! - to unite under the general slogans already 30 or even 50 thousand persons?! - marks Century Varfolomeyev.
some representatives the Left front also are ready to come on the Marsh area. So, the deputy from fraction Fair Russia and one of founders the Left front Ilya Ponomarev has noticed that B.Nemtsov and V.Ryzhkov under the initiative, having incurred responsibility, have agreed with the mayoralty also have transferred meeting on Marsh. the left Front it do not agree with this position, but respects opinion of partners in a protest coalition - the deputy in the blog has noted. we call all who supports the requirement to provide in Russia fair elections and other requirements which have been put forward by our organisations, to come on the Marsh area - he addresses to readers.
however the left radicals all the same leave on Saturday on the Revolution area: they do not intend to refuse the planned plans. On an official site the Left front On - former it is specified that meeting on Saturday will take place on the Revolution area, on a platform at a monument to Charles Marx from 14:00 till. United obshchegrazhdansky meeting will pass under slogans we Demand reduction of the selective legislation of the Russian Federation according to the constitution! we demand fair and free elections! the people against dishonest elections! it is told in the action announcement.
the councillor the Left front Darya Mitin in the blog has confirmed that its organisation will carry out the action on the Revolution area - there where planned. we blindly with nemtsovsko - the Kremlin provokers do not play - has declared the girl. that it was clear, the decision on meeting carrying over is not a joint decision. This decision accepted behind the back of a part of organizers of meeting - the girl underlines.
The Revolution area, this my personal decision - has summed up D.Mitin. I urge to come nobody - clear business that in a present situation neither we nor who another cannot guarantee safety - she marks.
we will notice that authorities of the capital in turn have already given guarantees of safety to participants of both meetings. Today on air Echo Moscow zammera A.Gorbenko has declared that to those citizens who by mistake will come on the Revolution meeting on the square, threatens nothing. They can free reach meeting on the Marsh area. Anybody for barrackings of slogans will not detain, however if people try to organise procession, the police will take the answer-back measures.
and head GU across Moscow Vladimir Kolokoltsev has informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs today that during week-end in capital world judges will come to work. It is made that the citizens detained during actions, superfluous days did not vegetate in a pre-trial detention centre.