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Re-elections in Moscow suburbs will pass in districts where has won the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Moscow Region repeated elections of deputies of a regional thought are possible. On it have informed in Moscow suburbs electoral committee.
re-elections can pass at once in three districts - the Queen, Serpukhov and the Shchelkovo area. According to Moscow regional election committee, in election committee many complaints on the given election districts have arrived.
we will add that in the Shchelkovo area an United Russia has taken only the second place, having conceded more than 10 % of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In the Queen party in power backlog has made 8 %, and in Serpukhov - 9 %.
we Will remind, following the results of processing of 100 % of reports on elections in the Moscow regional thought, passed on December, 4th 2011., According to preliminary data, an United Russia has typed 33,51 % of voices. It trace with backlog in 6 % is followed by the Communist party of the Russian Federation which have typed 27,16 % of votes. Almost equal support of voters have received Fair Russia from 17,16 % of voices and Liberally - democratic party Russia (LDPR) from 15,42 %. Party the Just cause from 2,71 % of voices to Moscow regional Duma does not get, as has not overcome established legislatively 5 - a percentage barrier.
meanwhile elections in Moscow suburbs and caused earlier numerous disputes. Many were surprised with that fact that results of voting by parties in Moscow regional Duma and the State Duma sharply differ. Difference consists that on these sites an United Russia receives much more voices, than on federal parliamentary elections.
especially many such sites in situated near Moscow Railway. On a site 530 result of United Russia party members on elections in the State Duma has made 41,71 % against 78,45 % on elections in Moscow regional Duma, to Wick 535 - 24,69 % against 61,71 %, to Wick 539 - 25,52 % against 53,75 %, to Wick 565 - 41,86 % against 62 %, to Wick 566 - 41,93 % against 63,2 %.
Simultaneously shares of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Fair Russia and LDPR on elections in Moscow regional Duma have decreased in 1,5 - 2 times in comparison with voting by the State Duma. Two more sites with similar unexpected results are revealed in Dmitrove. These are local election committees at numbers 284 and 287. On one of sites an United Russia on elections in Moscow regional Duma has received 74,47 % of voices instead of 57,04 % on elections in the State Duma, and on the second - 93,9 % against 83,38 %. Thus on a site of 284 voices on regional elections three competitors of United Russia party members (in 1,5 - 2 times), and on 287 - m - only have lost the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (its share has decreased from 13,62 % to 3,29 %, or with 145 to 35 voices).
One more site with sharply incoincident results was found out in Odintsovo situated near Moscow. But in this city benefitsiarom became not only an United Russia but also Fair Russia . On polling district 1847 on elections in Moscow regional Duma The United Russia has received on 166 voices more than on elections in the State Duma (49,41 % against 40,9 %), and Fair Russia - on 187 voices (5,33 % against 14,42 %).