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The Central Electoral Committee has refused to the Apple in a vote recount on the Moscow elections

the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation has left without satisfaction the complaint of the chairman of the party the Apple Sergey Mitrokhin on the decision of Moscow Election Committee on voting results on elections in the State Duma on a part of territory of Moscow.
S.Mitrokhin asked recognise as void reports on voting results in following parts of capital: Moscow - East Moscow - Don Moscow - Kuntsevsky Moscow - Lublin Moscow - Medical Vedkovsky Moscow - Tushinsky Moscow - Tsaritsynsky Moscow - Central Moscow - Cheremushkinsky and Moscow - Sheremetevsky . He also asked to spend repeated counting of votes in these parts of Moscow or in all capital.
the Central Electoral Commission gave reason for a deviation of the complaint that the decision on cancellation of results of voting can be accepted exclusively in a judicial order.
it is necessary to notice that attempts " have come to the end with failure; the Apple to protest results of elections and in previous years.
thus the election committee of Moscow Region has declared a possible vote recount on three sites in Moscow where the victory was gained by communists.