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M.Mursi the President of Egypt Mohammed Mursi cancelled the scandalous Constitutional declaration

cancelled the Constitutional declaration which has caused rough negative reaction in opposition and has provoked mass protests on all country, transfers Reuters. In the near future together with opposition will new amendments to the current project of the main document of the country are developed.
the participant of national dialogue - meetings of representatives of opposition with the country leaders - eks - the candidate on a post of president Mohammed Salima al - Aua has confirmed that action of the declaration which contained contentious clauses, is completely cancelled. It is replaced by the new similar document under the status which also cannot be challenged in a judicial order.
besides it it became known that date of the constitutional referendum is not changed. As well as it has been declared earlier, it should pass on December, 15th of this year It is supposed that on national voting the document which will include the positions developed by the constitutional commission will be taken out, and also opposition requirements are considered.
we will remind that cancellation or referendum carrying over under the statement of the new Constitution of Egypt - one of the basic requirements of the Egyptian opposition at which performance leaders of protests were ready to sit down from M.Mursi for a negotiating table. The opposition also demands, that M.Mursi has refused the dictatorial powers taken on (citizens of Egypt cannot temporarily protest its decision in court), and also to make investigation of cases of violence against demonstrators.
on November, 22nd of this year the president M.Mursi has published the Constitutional declaration according to which has expanded the imperious powers. It became an occasion to a mass action of opposition which has accused him of power usurpation.