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S.Shojgu: Increases in service life in army will not be

the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shojgu, addressing to Conferences of authorised representatives of president Vladimir Putin, has declared that service life in army will not increase. He has declared it on passing in frameworks of conference a seminar To be strong: guarantees of safety for modern Russia .
According to the Minister of Defence, the main task for military department is construction of professional army. Thus, S.Shojgu has indirectly denied words of the head of parliamentary committee on Vladimir Komoedova`s defence which spoke about increase in term of army service till 1,5 years.
S.Shojgu has declared that plans to finish formation of a new ministerial command till the end of the year. He also has noticed that would like to return in army of the most competent officers dismissed at were ministe of defence Anatolii Serdjukove.
At last, the minister has supported that Rosimushchestvo was engaged in sale of property of the Minister of Defence and has asked to release its department from this function. Obviously, thus the ministry to aspire to exclude repetitions in the future of the scandals similar to business Oboronservisa when at sale not profile property of military department swindle on billions roubles has been made.
conference of authorised representatives of the president is devoted ways of realisation of pre-election pledges of V.Putin which it has made during election campaign of 2012. Conference has begun on December, 9th and 2 days will last. On Monday authorised representatives will discuss plans of performance of promises with V.Putinym.