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S.Lavrov:Reaktsija on the law Magnitsky in the State Duma should be collective

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, addressing to Conferences of authorised representatives of president Vladimir Putin which has opened on December, 9th in Moscow, has urged deputies of the State Duma of all parties to condemn unanimously acceptance by the Senate of the USA the law Magnitsky which forbids entrance on territory of the USA of the Russian officials convicted of infringement of human rights, and also freezes their accounts in banks of the USA.
by words, S.Lavrova, the law Magnitsky is an attempt of intervention in our internal affairs. . The minister has stated interest that reaction of parliament to the law was collective and multi-party .
In turn, the chairman of committee of the State Duma on the international affairs Alexey Pushkov has informed that a question about reatsii on the law Magnitsky It will be discussed in the lower chamber next week, and the majority of deputies tend to acceptance of the reciprocal law in more rigid variant .
the Head of foreign policy department has concerned also such vital topic, as a situation of Syria. S.Lavrov has underlined that the Russian Federation will not admit succession of events in Syria on to the Libyan scenario . Besides, the minister has accused the USA that they interfere with convocation of a quartet of the international intermediaries on a situation in Syria (the United Nations, the European Union, Russia, the USA). Thus Russia does not consider creation of criminal tribunal across Syria as a priority problem, as the main thing now - to stop violence .
S.Lavrov has let know that in relations between Russia igruziej in immediate prospects warming is possible - the minister has declared that Russia is ready rssmatrivat restoration of the direct aircraft service cancelled in 2008 and import of Georgian agricultural production.
At last, S.Lavrov has noticed that Russia on - former helps lawyers of Russian Victor Buta which, according to the Russian authorities, was illegally ekstradirovan special services of the USA from Thailand. In the USA the court of New York has sentenced V.But to 25 years of prison for illegal traffic in arms and arrangement to the Left-wing radical terrorist organisations.
conference of authorised representatives of the president is devoted ways of realisation of pre-election pledges of V.Putin which it has made during election campaign of 2012. Conference has begun on December, 9th and 2 days will last. It is necessary to notice that the institute of authorised representatives which worked earlier only in presidential campaign, will work now constantly during presidential term. It has declared a press - secretary V.Putin Dmitry Peskov.