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Kuchma is afraid of journalists to death

To death of journalists? At such question directs all event round independent mass-media in Ukraine. So, yesterday the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country has refused a meeting to representatives of the international mission “ Reporters without borders “. According to the Ukrainian member of this international human rights organisation of Julia Sabri, to legal experts it has been declared that minister Yury Kravchenko is in business trip. The employee a press - services also has expressed hot bewilderment: what for in general reporters needed to meet the minister? Probably, he has forgotten about scandal with disappearance of reporter Gongadze, and has probably, simply decided to show office eagerness and personally to prove that on “ to independent Ukraine “ all is quiet.
however it is necessary to notice that the organisation “Reporters without borders” has not appeared suddenly to Kiev, suddenly. Earlier the inquiry on which the answer, as " did not come in any way has been submitted; In the letter there was no mark about obligatory granting of the answer to inquiry “. Such here casuistry and bureaucracy. But reporters have decided not to surrender and after personally to meet the minister it was not possible have decided to talk to its assistant. But in the ministry to them have informed that “ in general it is necessary to agree about a meeting with the minister or its assistants in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, with public prosecutor Michael Potebenko as the Ministry of Internal Affairs is under control to the State Office of Public Prosecutor “. Such here the resubmission roundabout … Here should be noticed that today reporters of signs in the Supreme Rada deputy Potebenko, and then the chairman of Security service Leonid Derkach.
“Reporters without borders” nevertheless intend to finish the pilgrimage to Kiev and have decided to meet the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. As it has appeared, this question is already co-ordinated at official level and the meeting is planned for January, 11th. It is probable to meet reporters “ fully armed “ Kuchma has appointed the chapter a press - Igor Storozhuka`s services. Storozhuk before this appointment worked as the first vice-president of the National broadcasting company of Ukraine and the director of Creative production association socially - a political announcement. Now Kuchma will be ready to bring down power of propagation which will convince them on heads of Ukrainians that the president at all - is got mixed up in scandal with disappearance of journalist George Gongadze.
Scandal round this tragical and strange incident became on Ukranie “ event of year “. It has also own name (similar in Uotergejtom in the USA after which president Richard Nixon has retired). So-called scandal “ Gongadze - a gate “ otherwise, “ Kuchma - a gate “ or “ the cartridge - a gate “ had the loudest resonance in the world. The history with disappearance of Gongadze has generated the greatest protests in Ukraine from the moment of independence finding. Split in parliament became real. Ukraine has appeared on the front pages of world weights - media which have declared that Kiev presses a freedom of speech. There is a real chance that during the current year as a result of scandal the Supreme Rada will try to achieve resignation, or to discharge from the power of the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma.
at the same time, in the world community the relation to Kuchma the dual. So, in particular, now there is a preparation of visit of the president of Ukraine to Germany. Visit date yet is not called, but most likely, it will be February. Americans, on the contrary, concern Kuchma as to a source of all harms, putting it almost in one number with Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and Slobadan Milosevic. So, on December, 29th to the former employee of a protection service Nikolay Melnichenko, which “ has exposed “ the president, the Ukrainian service " has given an aether; Radio Freedom “. The American fund of protection of journalists has already ranked George Gongadze as the list of victims, without waiting results of examination.
we will remind that in the end of the last year in Ukraine the scandal connected with disappearance of journalist Gongadze has flashed. Especially sharp it became in December after the Supreme Rada has interfered with it. In spite of the fact that the president tried otkrestitsja from scandal, in hands deputies had proofs. Deputies Sergey Golovatyj, Alexander Zhir and Victor Shishkin have brought from - for an audio boundary - and video certificates of the officer of Security service of Ukraine. It which has transferred to Alexander Morozu the cartridge where the person with a voice similar to a voice of the Ukrainian president, has conversation on elimination of journalist George Gongadze. He also tells impartial words to a number of the Ukrainian politicians. These cartridges have already caused a storm in a society and have considerably shaken positions of the president of Ukraine.