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In Russia it is created the alcoholic concept !

it is necessary to Drink with mind. It have understood and at official level. That is why the main health officer of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko suggests to accept the concept of an alcoholic policy. He has noticed that now in mass-media the aggressive advertising of alcoholic drinks influencing youth where the phenomenon " is observed is developed; beer alcoholism . The fat man who has forgotten about when will come on eighth of March, the young guys carrying caps, because so we drink our beer the timid boy offering to the girl a glass of beer - here only few remembered examples of advancement of the goods on the market by means of psychological suggestion. It guards, especially in the light of the general falling of birth rate and growth of death rate from alcohol.
the Problem is aggravated also with that in assortment of Russian brewing production a considerable share grades of beer with absolute make the maintenance of alcohol more than 6 %. They on the toxicological properties and characteristics should be carried to alcoholic drinks but while such law it is not accepted. According to Onishchenko, it is necessary to forbid beer advertising on television and to create the economic mechanism of stimulation of manufacture of nonalcoholic beer in Russia.
however, it is necessary to notice that the concept offered by Onishchenko looks a little unilateral. Having forbidden beer advertising, our country, thereby, loses a good part of the taxes arriving in treasury. So, in 2000 in the budget by the enterprises of brewing branch it has been listed more than 17 billion roubles. Thus, the brewing branch left on 3 - e a place on tax payments in the budget of the country after TEKa. The majority of 30 leading enterprises - manufacturers of beer in the Russian Federation are tax bearers N 1 in the region.
some begin to say that health of Russians is more important than taxes. It is impossible to disagree with such statement, however it is necessary to recognise that citizens of our country drink beer much less, than inhabitants of others developed the states. According to the independent research centre ROMIR Russia together with Iceland, Poland and Italy belongs to group of the countries with low consumption of beer - less than 40 litres a year per capita. And it in spite of the fact that Russia is the country with the highest in the world an alcohol consumption level. In the countries with very high consumption level of beer - Czechia, Slovakia, Denmark, and Ireland - the consumption volume makes Germany over 120 litres a year per capita. According to results of research, about 40 % of adult population of our country at all do not use beer. Almost third - drinks beer occasionally, not more often than 1 - 2 times a month. Only 15 % of our fellow citizens are regular consumers of beer, they drink beer of times in a week and more often.
thus, to the main hospital attendant of Russia followed pay attention not to beer consumption in the alcoholic concept, and on decrease in the use of a hard liquor. Recently there has passed conference of manufacturers of beer in Russia. On it it has been noticed that it is necessary to change culture of consumption of alcohol in Russia. According to participants, it is necessary to reorient the population on consumption of beer, wine and low alcohol drinks for what it is necessary to lower the excise tax to beer and to finish during 3 - 5 years a parity of the price of beer and vodka to 1/ 7 (today it equals 1/ 3). To finish manufacture and beer consumption in the Russian Federation to the European indicators investments of an order of 1,5 billion dollars be required. It is represented that it - is unique a right approach to the decision of an alcoholic problem in Russia. As to force Russian to stop to drink it is impossible, it is necessary to teach to drink them that will more favorably be reflected on their health. And for this purpose the aggressive advertising companies
the Main hospital attendant Onishchenko are necessary should was to think and that alcohol, as a whole, well influences the person (at moderate consumption). So, it appears that strong spirits have helped Europeans not to die out completely during medieval epidemics of a plague and a cholera. In those days pure water not containing dangerous bacteria was almost inaccessible. And such drinks as whisky, vodka and beer helped to disinfect a stomach.
and the constant companies of struggle against the drunkenness, spent all over the world never gave the necessary results. In America the Prohibition has led to Al Capone`s occurrence and butlegerov, In the USSR struggle with green zmiem Has ended with occurrence of enormous number of underground manufactures which and fill up to this day Russia with forgeries. And recently in Nigeria the law on an interdiction of sale of alcohol became the reason of collisions in which result 7 persons were lost, at least. Skirmish in village Salka where the authorities have tried to suspend sale of liquor of the local manufacture known as burukutu has outgrown in it is religious - the ethnic conflict between Muslim and not Muslim inhabitants of village. Shops have been plundered, and the central market has been captured by fire. For situation normalisation on a point of impact a safety force has been directed. Only then it was possible to suppress revolt.