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M.Saakashvili has promised not to be at war with Russia

the President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili categorically does not agree with opinion of some Georgian oppositional politicians considering that armed forces of Georgia should bring down the Russian planes which have broken on August, 6th 2007. Air border of the country.
I want to tell categorically all - Georgia is not at war with the Russian Federation, and we are not going to enter with Russia into the armed opposition - the head of Georgia at a meeting with students in Tbilisi has declared tonight.
as he said, a political end of Georgia are good relations with Russia, and the big political end - integration into North Atlantic structures, development of Georgia and its territorial integrity .
M.Saakashvili has underlined that armed forces of Georgia are well prepared for reflexion of any aggression and terrorist danger, and the army continues to develop successfully. But we will make everything not to admit the large-scale armed opposition - the president has told.
he has assured that Georgia will behave as the worthy and responsible partner of the USA, Europe and North Atlantic structures. we offer the Russian Federation full cooperation on safety issues. As soon as we have come to power, we have made all that our northern border with Russia has been protected from various illegal actions, illegal transition of border.
we have made everything that Russia stabilised a situation in the North Caucasus, and we are going and to co-operate further with it from the point of view of safety - the Georgian president has declared. But at the same time he has underlined that Georgia will not admit, that someone including Russia, has provided own stability at the expense of destabilization in Georgia.
we Will notice that at present Georgia most is seriously occupied by reforming of armed forces that is one of requirements of the North Atlantic alliance for country acceptance in its numbers. This question is one of priorities of foreign policy of Georgia. As time and again declared M.Saakashvili, Georgia intends to enter the NATO to 2009.
During visits to Tbilisi representatives of estimated mission of the NATO underline that Georgia has reached serious successes during performance of the Plan of individual partnership with the block. In modernisation of armed forces of the country by the Georgian military man assist American the instructor.
acting in February before M.Saakashvili`s Georgian military men has declared: the effective army as we are in the most complicated region is necessary To us, and as a whole the situation in the world becomes complicated . Already nobody can force Georgia to the knees, nobody can return us in the broken and enslaved past as we have a strong army - the president has told.
we will notice that in the nearest plans of Tbilisi introduction of a professional principle of a complete set of army. Now term of obligatory military service in Georgia makes one and a half year.