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The USA: the Russian Federation uses disproportionate force against Georgia

the USA have accused Russia of use disproportionate force in relation to Georgia during Georgian - jugoosetinskogo the conflict. the answer from Russia was disproportionate, to whatever threat she referred - one of representatives of the USA has declared.
we call for immediate cease-fire and a conclusion of all armies from a condition of the raised alertness - the representative has added, transfers TV channel SkyNews.
The day before the constant representative of Russia at the NATO Dmitry Rogozin has held in Bruxelles a meeting with the chief of a staff of incorporated armed forces of the NATO in Europe Hans - Hajntsem Latterom. The meeting has taken place at the desire of a receiving party.
D.Rogozin has explained that stands up for the solved Russia in South Ossetia a problem on compulsion of Tbilisi to the world.
Also the day before the current situation in conversation with US president George Bush was commented by the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. The Russian leader, in particular, has noticed that a unique exit from the crisis initiated by the Georgian management in South Ossetia is the conclusion of Tbilisi of the armed formations from a conflict zone, returning to a way of peace arrangements, and first of all - signing legally the binding agreement about force non-use.
J. Bush has expressed serious concern a state of affairs, has called for a de-escalation of a situation and has informed that will entirely promote its return to a channel politiko - diplomatic settlement.
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