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The United Nations Security Council has undersigned again for own powerlessness

At informal session the UN Security Council (UNSF) again could not accept any decisions on a situation in South Ossetia.
after session which passed in the closed mode, the representative of Belgium (the country presiding in UNSF in this month) Jan Grauls has declared that for Security council it will be almost impossible to make any decisions at present, transfers Associated Press.
on the first, opened, session on August, 8th UNSF also could not co-ordinate the uniform document under the conflict, having limited to appeals to refrain from provocations and to observe the Olympic calmness .
the decision on carrying out of the second session Was accepted. It has passed on the night of August, 9th in the closed mode, representatives of the countries have acted with the next statements, however the final decision it was again accepted not.
Meanwhile for the last three days of war in South Ossetia were lost more than 2 thousand civilians, the death toll of peacemakers has reached 15 persons, more than 70 are wounded. There are wounded men among the Russian journalists, wound was received by the commander 58 - j army the general - lieutenant Anatoly Hrulev. Tskhinvali almost is completely destroyed. Two planes of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation are destroyed.
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