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The USA: Moscow risks seriously to spoil relations with Washington

Russia risks seriously to spoil relations from the USA if will continue to attack Georgia. With such statement the assistant to adviser George Bush being in Beijing on national safety James Jeffrey has acted.
as he said, continuation by Russia “ disproportionate and dangerous actions “ in a conflict zone will have “ serious and long-term consequences “ for relations between Moscow and Washington, informs Associated Press.
at this D.Dzheffri has noticed that the American administration will be even more disturbed, if proves to be true information on attacks by the Russian armies of the Georgian territories. We will notice that till now messages on  destruction of peace Georgian citizens owing to attacks of the Russian aircraft were denied by the Ministry of Defence of Russia.
Meanwhile from Tbilisi messages come that the embassy of the USA in Georgia begins evacuation of families of diplomats with territory of the country. The first escort from Tbilisi Yerevan will go to capital of Armenia today, the second - on August, 11th.
the American foreign policy department also recommended to the citizens to refrain from trips to Georgia, and also to Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and being in territory of the countries to Americans - to concern questions of own safety more attentively.
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