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Ukraine threatens not to start up the Russian fleet to Sevastopol

the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that the republic reserves the right to itself to forbid returning to base in Sevastopol of the ships and courts which will take part in the conflict round South Ossetia.
in Kiev declare that to coast of Georgia there was an operative group of ships CHF under command of admiral Alexander Kletskova into which structure enter a rocket cruiser Moscow the patrol ship Sharp-witted the ships Muromets and Aleksandrovets two rocket boats, sea transport General Rjabikov and a salvage ship Epron .
Readiness to forbid the Russian ships to return to Sevastopol Ukrainians explain unwillingness to be involved in the conflict on caucasus. Thus in Kiev have declared that have expressed concern to that the Russian side hesitates with preparation and signing of the agreement on participation CHF the Russian Federation which is deployed in territory of Ukraine, in conflict situations.
reaction of Russia has followed quickly enough. As has declared on a press - conferences in Moscow the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin, our foreign policy department already shortly will begin negotiations with Ukraine concerning returning of the ships of the Black Sea fleet to Sevastopol
We will specially prosecute this subjects in contacts to our partners - G.Karasin has told. In the whole deputy minister has noticed that the Russian ships have approached to the Abkhazian territory as Russia does not want, that in Abkhazia the situation " has repeated; similar in South Ossetia.
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