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Georgia declared a withdrawal of troops from South Ossetia

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has handed over to the Russian consul the note about the termination of operations, the radio station " transfers; Echo Moscow . In the document it is said that fire should be stopped since August, 10th.
as the note of the Georgian foreign policy department also affirms that all armed forces of Georgia have already been deduced from a conflict zone. Also there affirmed that the Georgian party has created a humanitarian corridor and has given the chance to the population and wounded man to leave from a conflict zone.
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia declares that Georgia is ready to begin immediately negotiations with Russia about cease-fire and on end of operations.
in Russia have confirmed reception of the Georgian note, however inform that actually military operations are not stopped by army of Georgia yet. Armies of this country continue bombardments.
Earlier the deputy chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of the Russian Federation Anatoly Nagovitsyn has declared that in case of the consent of the Georgian party Russia is ready to start negotiating process immediately. Almost simultaneously stats - the secretary, the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin has told that without signing of the contract speech about the beginning of negotiations cannot go by Georgia about non-use of force concerning South Ossetia. He has underlined that Georgia should take away armies on a line 1992. That is provided by Dagomys agreements. It is necessary to sign the contract on force non-use. Without the contract conclusion there can not be a speech about the beginning of negotiations.
it is necessary to notice that Georgia has decided to declare the termination of military operations after the Russian peacemakers strengthened by divisions 58 - j armies, have beaten out the opponent from Tskhinvali and have released the most part of the territory occupied for August, 8th. Thus the Russian armies did not undertake attempts to cross administrative border and to enter on territory of Georgia.
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