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V.Tchurkin: the USA should remember Kosovo and

the Constant representative of Russia at the United Nations Vitaly Tchurkin has urged postpreda the USA Zalmaja Halilzada to remember bombardments of Belgrad military operations in Kosovo when the American aircraft bombed located far from a zone of the conflict Belgrad, and also bridges through Danube.
V.Tchurkin has made such statement after words of the American diplomat that the Air Forces of Russia attack the purposes in territory of Georgia which do not concern a conflict zone. The Russian diplomat has noticed that those objects which are used by the Georgian party for conducting military operations are exposed to attacks only. Thus V.Tchurkin has urged the representative of the USA to remember the actions in the different countries of the world and not to be engaged in propagation for the sake of one of candidates in presidents.
speaking about ostensibly peaceful positions of Georgia, V.Tchurkin has declared that to Russia is evacuated more a quarter of the population of South Ossetia.
What term can be applied to actions of Georgia in South Ossetia? What it, if not ethnic cleaning when from incomplete 120 thousand population of republic already was lost more than 2 thousand persons? - V.Tchurkin has asked, addressing to councillors of safety.
new session of Security council of the United Nations has been called on request of Georgia and the USA which have accused Russia of aggression and unwillingness to sit down a negotiating table. In particular the representative of Georgia I.Alasanija has declared that the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has refused to speak by phone with Michael Saakashvili. In turn postpred the USA Zalmaj Halilzad has accused Russia of conflict escalation in South Ossetia, and also named absolutely inadmissible bombardments of peace settlements on all territory of Georgia .
we Will remind that right after intrusions of the Georgian army into South Ossetia, when by means of systems zalpovogo fire Hailstones And aircraft hundreds civilians of Tskhinvali and nearby villages were destroyed, the United Nations Security Council has refused to condemn actions of Tbilisi, having called instead for restraint the government of the Russian Federation.
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