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V.Tchurkin: M.Saakashvili it is necessary to make the decision and to leave

the Next extraordinary session of Security council of the United Nations has come to the end with verbal duel between representatives of the USA and Russia - Z.Halilzadom and V.Tchurkin.
mutual recriminations have sounded in initial reports of diplomats of two countries. However the culmination Russian - the American dispute has occurred already after performance of representatives of other countries which have expressed serious concern by a situation in Georgia and on tradition not managed to come to a common opinion.
V.Tchurkin in reply to Z.Halilzada`s charges that Russia does not conduct consultation of other countries, has reminded of numerous conversations of head S.Lavrova`s Ministry of Foreign Affairs including with US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice.
the American in the answer has declared that during one of telephone conversations S.Lavrov named an overall objective of military operation of Russia leaving from the post of the president of M.Saakashvili. Z.Halilzad and its Georgian colleague And. Alasanija have accused Russia of desire to displace demokraticheski the elected president .
In the answer V.Tchurkin at first has reminded of confidentiality of conversation between heads of foreign policy departments of Russia and the USA, and then has especially noticed that change of modes - the American concept .
Thus V.Tchurkin has reminded that there are cases when from the posts the selected heads of the states leave including demokraticheski. postpred Russia has noticed that M.Saakashvili is a barrier on a way to the world. some leaders in such cases make the courageous decision concerning the political future - the Russian diplomat has declared about it and has added that discussion of this question on Security Council says that the given idea has interested the USA.
an overall objective of Russia of Century Tchurkin named a conclusion of the Georgian armies from South Ossetia, full cease-fire and signing of Tbilisi agreements on force non-use in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
in reply to Z.Halilzada`s one more attempt to force to name V.Tchurkin the true purpose of Russia in Georgia V.Tchurkin has declared that the American diplomat on - visible has not had time to put on an ear-phone with simultaneous interpretation as the corresponding answer has been already given them.
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