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U.Chavez prepares for war with Colombia

the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has urged military command of the country to be prepared for probable opposition of Colombia. In its opinion, Bogota plans to increase presence of the USA in the territory that threatens safety of Venezuela.
U.Chavez has declared that threat against us accrues also has called army and the people to be ready to attack reflexion, transfers Associated Press.
we will remind that the conflict between Venezuela and Colombia has inflamed from - for the Swedish weapon which has been found out in the Colombian insurgents from extreme Left grouping FARC. Bogota considers that jet anti-tank grenade cup discharges have got to insurgents from Venezuela.
now Colombia also carries on negotiations from the USA for granting to Americans in long-term using of several military bases in the territory. Venezuela strongly objects against increase in military presence of the USA in region.
Earlier Caracas has entered economic measures concerning Colombia. According to U.Chavez, he intends to refuse import from Colombia of 10 thousand cars. Besides, oil deposits of Venezuela also will be closed for working out by the Colombian companies.
at the same time it is necessary to notice that the day before yesterday U.Chavez has unexpectedly disposed to return the Venezuelan ambassador withdrawn last week to Colombia.