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The USA: Training of the Georgian army will be continued

the USA intend to continue training of the Georgian army. However instructors will be directed only to those parts which it is planned to direct to Afghanistan. It on a press - conferences in Tbilisi were declared by the former assistant to the assistant to the state secretary of the United States Matthew Brajza.
As reports Trend, the American representative has especially underlined that the weapon to Georgia thus will not be delivered, and preparation of military men for participation in a counterterrorism operation will not cause serious complications. and Russia recognises that the terrorism in Afghanistan needs to put an end - has declared M.Brajza.
we Will remind that after recent visit to Tbilisi vice-president of the USA Joe Bajdena the Russian diplomats and politicians stated serious fears concerning possible plans of Washington on restoration of the Georgian army and its reequipment. Moreover, the constant representative of Russia at the NATO Dmitry Rogozin even has declared possible sanctions concerning the American enterprises which will direct offensive systems of arms to this Transcaucasian republic.
the Russian government, in turn, has warned about readiness to interrupt military - technical cooperation with the states which will deliver to Georgia the weapon or military technology of the Russian or Soviet working out.