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Venezuela and Colombia will try to reboot relations

Presidents of Venezuela and Colombia Hugo Chavez and Juan Manuel Santos will try to reboot relations. The meeting of leaders of two states will pass today in Bogota.
several days before the leader of Venezuela declared readiness to reboot relations with the next Colombia, spoilt during presidency in Colombia Alvaro Uribe. Acting on the air on the Venezuelan state television, U.Chavez has declared that would like to restore diplomatic relations with Colombia. He has suggested to hold a meeting tet - and - tet with the new Colombian president fairly and frankly to discuss diplomatic crisis in relations between two countries.
we will remind, U.Chavez has disposed to suspend diplomatic relations with Colombia on July, 22nd of this year In reply to charges of last that Venezuela shelters in the territory to insurgents of Colombian guerrilla movement FARC.
on August, 7th H. M.Santos holding a post of the Minister of Defence in an office eks - president A.Uribe, has entered a post of the head of the state. On inauguration of the new president of Colombia there has arrived the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro that has been interpreted as a sign on the future reconciliation between Caracas and Bogota.
immediately after H. M.Santos`s inauguration has supported adjustment of relations with Venezuela: I prefer sincere and direct dialogue with Venezuela and I hope that it will begin as soon as possible .