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Moscow has prepared the secret answer on the list Magnitsky

Moscow has prepared the black list concerning citizens of the USA who are considered guilty of infringement of the rights of Russians, in particular Victor Buta and Konstantin Jaroshenko, accused, accordingly, in illegal traffic in arms and contraband of drugs. By words zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia of Sergey Rjabkova, the list included those who creates problems in Russian - the American relations . Entrance to the Russian Federation will be forbidden these people.
It was found out that the commission of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to give the symmetric answer on American the list Magnitsky it has been executed how this commission has been sounded. In the list of citizens of the USA which will deprive of possibility to receive the Russian visa, some tens surnames, the newspaper " writes on August, 10th; Kommersant .
According to edition sources, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is engaged in drawing up of the list since December 2010. The persons participating in affairs against V.Buta and K.Jaroshenko appear in it. Detention abroad and deportation in the USA the Russian citizens have caused sharp reaction of foreign policy department of the Russian Federation.
the interlocutor of the newspaper has told that the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not appear in open access: Americans did not publish the, and we not begin to publish ours . He also has explained that there is a volume database of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in which all people when - or driving to the Russian Federation are registered almost. opposite to surnames of undesirable persons the dagger will be simply put. When such person will address for the Russian visa in consulate of the Russian Federation, he will be refused, which will not be in any way motivirovan. Thus in consulate can and not know a true cause of a failure - the official has told.
one of lawyers of Century Buta Victor Burobin believes that in the list there can be employees of management of the USA on struggle against drugs (DEA) Derek Odny, Scott Haker and Robert Zahariasievich, which listened the Russian businessman also arrested him without corresponding sanctions, and also tried to take out it from Thailand as a thing in a suitcase passing extradition procedure. It is supposed that officials of antinarcotic department of the USA will get to the list and in connection with K.Jaroshenko`s business.
however claims of Russia to the USA are not limited to the mentioned cases. Zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Rjabkov has told that the answer it will be unessential on 100 % mirror . As he said, lists can be different in structure and a personnel . It those people who concern problems in Russian - the American relations, including on humanitarian directions. Any American responsible for infringement of the rights of the Russian citizens " can get to the list; - he has explained.
thus the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on the international affairs Leonid Kalashnikov names the answer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation comical . I Doubt that there will be American officials who aspire to Russia, learn here children or store the money in the Russian banks - the deputy has expressed opinion. Besides, he has advised to the American senators to pay attention not on business Magnitsky and on elections in Russia.
earlier American mass-media have informed referring to documents of the White house that the State department has placed in the visa black list of a surname of several tens the Russian officials concerning to to business Magnitsky . Thus the Presidential Administration of the USA of Barack Obama does not support acceptance of the special bill (it is brought in the senate in May of this year) Which will oblige Gosdep to publish the list of the Russian officials responsible, according to department, for S.Magnitsky`s death, to forbid them entrance to the USA and to freeze their financial actives in this country.