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Democratic People`s Republic of Korea island Jonphendo

the Artillery of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea again attacked again has made an attempt bombardment of South Korean island Jonphendo. Representatives of army of Republic Korea have declared that shells have fallen in the sea near to coast, informs Bi - bi - si. South Korean military men have answered attack by a gun-fire.
we will notice that the island Jonphendo last year became the centre of the scale conflict on the Korean peninsula in which have anyhow appeared other states are involved also. The first time the army of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has spent shelling of South Korean frontier island Jonphendo with the population about 1 thousand 300 persons on November, 23rd 2010.
In reply to military aggression South Korea has opened fire on positions of northern neighbour and has lifted in air fighters F - 16. Such version of an event is put forward by Seoul. In turn Pyongyang accuses South Korea that it of the first has begun artillery bombardment of territory of the North Korea, having let out on positions of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea some tens artillery shells.
According to this version, fire on North Korean territories has begun at 07:00 Moscow time, on what the Korean national army has immediately answered with resolute actions . As a result of incident four persons from the South Korean party were lost, still nearby 20 have got wounds.
as a measure of restraint Seoul on December, 23rd 2010. Has spent scale doctrines with artillery and aircraft use. Maneuvers have passed near to North Korean border. 800 military men have been involved in doctrines, fighters F - 15 and F - 16, tanks To - 1, fighting helicopters An - 1S and self-propelled tools To - 9. Military men of South Korea admitted that maneuvers urged to show northern to the neighbour the fighting power.
after that Pyongyang has declared that Democratic People`s Republic of Korea is ready to begin Sacred nuclear war against South Korea.