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The London mayor has scarified plans during staff redundancies polices

the London town governor Boris Johnson has urged the government to refuse plans on reduction of the budget and police states. Its words are transferred by Bi - bi - si.
B.Johnson has paid attention that now not the most suitable time for implementation of plans on struggle against a budgeted deficit. Meanwhile in the government notice that are not going to refuse this idea.
we will remind, within several days in a number of big cities, including London and Manchester, the mass riots 4 persons became which victims at least proceed. More than 760 participants of actions across all Britain have been arrested, in streets the strengthened patrols of police are on duty. So, only in London are on duty about 16 thousand guards.
we will notice that inhabitants of London already addressed to the authorities with the request to enter into army capital. In turn the Minister of Internal Affairs of Great Britain Tereza Mej has not excluded such possibility.
disorders in Britain were forced by the prime minister - the minister of the country David Cameron to interrupt the holiday and together with the mayor of London Boris Johnson to visit one of the capital areas injured with actions of malefactors.
we will remind, mass riots in Britain have begun during week-end, after murder by policemen 29 - summer unemployed Mark Duggana. The man has been shot at attempt of check of documents. According to guards, it has opened fire the first, however ballistic examination denies their words.