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The Central Electoral Committee an United Russia Dmitry Travkin

According to the newspaper " is going to head; News on August, 10th a management an United Russia (Central Electoral Committee) will be defined with the candidate on a vacant post of the head of the Central executive party committee. On one of the major places in hierarchy ER five persons apply.
the definitive personnel decision will accept presidium gensoveta parties after a meeting of candidates with the leader an United Russia Dmitry Medvedev.
according to edition sources in party, the greatest chances of employment of a vacant post possesses 41 - summer Party member Dmitry Travkin. In shorts - sheet the head of the Novgorod regional executive committee of party Maxim Vladimirov, the secretary of branch " have entered also; ER Republics Komis Igor Leonov, the head of the Chelyabinsk executive committee, the deputy of regional Legislative Assembly Alexander Motovilov and the head of the Nizhniy Novgorod regional executive committee of party Olga Schetinin.
internal voting by these nominees in an United Russia it is already spent. Who has won, yet is not informed.
according to the charter ER become successful on voting employment of a prestigious post is not guaranteed at all. The presidium gensoveta has the right to confirm parties to the place of the head of the Central Electoral Committee of any candidate who has passed in the five. Informants News tend to that appointment will be received by the winner of elections who can become D.Travkin.
now D.Travkin holds a post of the minister of internal policy of the Ulyanovsk region. In a track record of the official - a post of the secretary of political council of regional branch of party an United Russia . Holding of this post, D. Travkin has spoken against returning to Ulyanovsk its historical name - Simbirsk.