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The answer to the claim on With - 300: Russia will deprive Iran support in a nuclear question

Russia threatens Iran with deprivation of the international support on a nuclear problem if the claim on 4 mlrd dollars which has been submitted by Teheran to the Arbitration court of Geneva to Open Society " is not withdrawn; Rosoboroneksport from - for failure of deliveries it is antiaircraft - rocket complexes With - 300.
In the Russian government have counted Iranians ungrateful as they do not appreciate consecutive upholding of their nuclear ambitions by Moscow on international scene, writes Kommersant referring to a source in ministry.
according to the edition, in reply to an ugly act Moscow is ready to toughen a position, having translated it from judicial in a political plane. However, the peace decision of the conflict too makes a reservation - before following session the six The international intermediaries, the August planned for the end, Moscow will send the governmental delegation to Teheran.
in a case if the claim nevertheless will not be withdrawn, Iran should agree on the world scene on nuclear questions independently have declared in the government. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have in turn confirmed presence of corresponding instructions to diplomats.
we will note, Moscow opposed till now rigid sanctions concerning Iran and stood up for the decision of a nuclear problem by means of negotiations whereas the USA and their supporters have openly started talking about impossibility to find the diplomatic decision of a thorny question. The termination of support of Iran from Russia will definitively convince Israel of necessity of drawing of blow on the country, insists Kommersant .
As to the claim earlier the ambassador of Iran in Russia Sajed Mahmud Reza Sadzhadi declared that ostensibly Teheran demands from Moscow only 900 million dollars, and the remained sum of indemnification was appointed by court, without co-ordinating it is the Iranian party.
we will remind, to deliver to Iran complexes With - 300 Russia has begun in 2007. The contract assumed granting of five battalions of an antiaircraft missile system for the sum about 800 million dollars. However in July 2010. Dmitry Medvedev as the president of the country has signed the decree about measures on performance of the fourth resolution of UNSF about sanctions concerning Iran. The document forbids to deliver to Teheran means of air defence and armour. Advance payment at a rate of 167 million dollars the Russian side has returned, however Iran has addressed to court for indemnification on contract infringement.