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D.Rogozin has not found devil`s the Madonna and a floor-mat in the Twitter

Vitse - prime minister Dmitry Rogozin is surprised that its recent presumably obscene record in Twitter was accepted for criticism to American by the priest - stars of the Madonna who is on tours in Russia.
have connected my statement with so-called the Madonna (lines it tear up) though about it I and a word have not mentioned - the high-ranking official on personal page in sotsseti has objected. Here that the steady public opinion " means; - it summarised.
on August, 8th D.Rogozin has declared in a microblog that everyone were. With the years aspires to give all lectures about morals. Especially during foreign tours and tours . We will note, in the afternoon before the Madonna has given a concert in Moscow during which time about 10 minutes argued on a freedom of speech and self-expression in connection with process on business Pussy Riot.
the Singer has expressed hope that girls are passed by imprisonment, and has promised to pray for their clearing. It has executed one of the hits in balaklave, the group which have become by a symbol, and an inscription on back Pussy Riot.
it is necessary to notice, in spite of the fact that today Dmitry Rogozin has denied the assumption of a mention of the Madonna in the obscene statement, in day of the publication it has entered into a correspondence to one of users Twitter.
In the comment it was drawn that lectures are read by officials every day from federal channels on what vitse - the prime minister has responded the remark from a joke: Either a cross remove, or pants put on .
we Will note, the politician is the Doctor of Philosophy.