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Whether Japan declared a diplomatic demarche of South Korea

In connection with arrival of the Korean president Maine of the Tank on the disputable island Takesima named in Korea Tokto, the authorities of Japan have sent the ambassador from South Korea, informs on August, 10th Korea Times.
According to the head of Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Koitiro Gemby, now there is no saying when the official representative of Japan can return to South Korea. The situation can clear up after its meeting with the ambassador which will take place tomorrow morning. Whether
unexpected visit Maine of the Tank on island has taken place on Friday. As mark local mass-media, reaction of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Japan was enough rigid: having learnt about visiting by the head of the South Korean state of disputable territory, the department representation has reprimanded at once the ambassador of South Korea.
to arrival of the president on Takesimu round island security measures have been strengthened - its territory was under supervision of several warplanes and the fighting ships.
we Will remind, last year Japan also has made the protest against visiting of island Tokto by members of the South Korean government. Whether
today`s visit Maine of the Tank became the first arrival of the head of South Korea on disputable territory. The rising sun country asserts that two rocky islands located between Japanese islands and the Korean peninsula, belong to it with 1905. However Korea tries to challenge this fact, insisting that historically islands were a part of their state.
now on islands there is a small garrison of forces of a South Korean coast guard.