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Lukashenko`s victory - result obolvanivanija?

Alexander Lukashenko`s Victory - result of a policy spent by it obolvanivanija people. So the first deputy the head of fraction " considers; the Apple in the State Duma Sergey Ivanenko. He has declared it in interview, making comments on results of presidential election which has passed on September, 9th in Belarus.
Ivanenko has not excluded that during presidential elections of Belarus infringements, however a key role in their outcome, in its opinion have been admitted, the policy of a manipulation has played. I do not think that in the union with Belarus, rukovodimoj Lukashenko, Russia will achieve serious breaks as its problem one - to keep the personal authority - the deputy believes.
it has estimated as disturbing a tendency of transformation by a number of the Belarus and Russian mass-media of the Belarus opposition in enemies of the people . The history shows that such tretirovanie and shelmovanie people who think differently in what good does not result - has noted Ivanenko.
At the same time, in its opinion, incorporated opposition candidate Vladimir Goncharik has acted adequately in those conditions which have been created in the country. According to Ivanenko, huge influence on an outcome of presidential election in Belarus was rendered by the Russian mass-media, in the majority supporting Lukashenkos.
at last, the deputy believes that the West will pursue a policy hardly, directed on isolation of Belarus, however to pretend that Belarus is the normal European country, nobody will be .