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FBI named three possible dates of acts of terrorism in the USA

All data on preparation of the new acts of terrorism, arriving in the American special services on the threshold of September, 11th, 2002, that is anniversaries of tragical events in New York and Washington, are doubtful, has declared today Federal bureau of investigations (FBI) of the USA. Nevertheless, in FBI have noticed that the received information is transferred in police and other corresponding establishments for the further investigation.
as probable date of realisation of new acts of terrorism three events - anniversary of acts of terrorism in the USA on September, 11th, session of General assembly of the United Nations in New York, planned on the end of September, and also session of the International currency fund in Washington 25 - on September, 29th are called.
under FBI statement, currently there is no information confirming these assumptions, however special services continue to conduct corresponding investigations. As marks CNN, in view of probability of new attacks of terrorists, among civilians of the USA activity and readiness growth is marked to co-operate with law enforcement bodies.
meanwhile, the US State department has urged Americans to be worldwide vigilant in an anniversary of events on September, 11th. In the State department statement it is informed that now there is a threat of the acts of terrorism directed against civilians, including actions of terrorists - suicides.
attacks on cult objects and schools and murders of peace Americans testify that as security measures on the American official objects are strengthened, terrorists and their supporters will search for easier purposes - it is told in the document. It can be places where citizens of the USA regularly gather: clubs, restaurants, cult objects, schools and vacation spots. Americans should be ready to possibility of acts of terrorism in these parts.