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N.Makarov: the Russian Federation will not report to the USA about movement the Poplar - M

the Head of Joint Staff VS of Russia Nikolay Makarov, making comments on the contract signed in Prague on SNV, has noticed that the Russian Federation will not inform the USA on movement MRK the Poplar - M .
N.Markov has underlined that absence of necessity to inform the USA on movement MRK the Poplar - M is one of the basic differences of the new contract from former. Also Russia has excluded point on watch of the American experts at factory on manufacture of all rockets in the Udmurt Votkinsk.
meanwhile in the Prague contract essential reduction of quantity boezarjadov both nuclear delivery vehicles is provided from Russia and the USA. N.Makarov has added that in signed on April, 8th 2010. And Russia the contract is mentioned for the first time by US presidents heavy bombers. It will be supervised now that is on their board and where they are deployed, has assured N. Makarov.
the chief of the Joint Staff of the Russian Federation also has added that the rights of both countries are registered in documents independently to define structure and structure of the offensive arms at a number of restrictions by quantity boezarjadov and their carriers.