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D.Medvedev: Important decisions, unfortunately, should be accepted most

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is glad to divide with someone responsibility for acceptance of important state decisions. but the most important, most difficult decisions, unfortunately, should be accepted most - the head of the state admitted interview to the American TV channel ABC.
Journalists from the USA the question who makes decisions in Russia - the president or the prime minister - the minister very interested. I can answer you. It absolutely trivial, but it absolutely truthful - decisions accepts to whom these decisions are assigned by the law - the president of Russia has told.
D.Medvedev has cited as an example events of August, 2008 when there was a conflict on caucasus. I can not tell that this decision was accepted not by me or that I bear responsibility for this decision together with other colleagues, with Putin or with someone another. I personally bear for it responsibility. And it is not a shame to me with this decision .
As to government liability, at the cabinet, according to D.Medvedev, the competence. in America there is no government - we have a government. The government itself publishes the statutory act. The government is engaged in economy. And it very much great volume of work. I worked in the government some years. I was the first deputy of the chairman of the government. It is enormous work, big, difficult. And it does not concern presidential powers - the head of the state has told.
D.Medvedev gave interview ABC on the threshold of visit to the USA.