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D.Medvedev: the Government headed by V.Putinym, became more active

the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, communicating with journalists from the USA, has noted successes which were reached by the government of Russia in 2009. At the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader has told about it in interview to the American TV channel AVS news.
Among the basic successes reached by joint efforts with the government, D.Medvedev named that fact that lately have managed to create such system which works not bad enough .
According to the president of Russia, when the government was headed by such skilled politician as V.Putin, the government became substantially to more active, and its activity became more substantial .
Also D.Medvedev has shared the experience in the government of the Russian Federation: It is enormous work, big, difficult. And it does not concern presidential powers .
Meanwhile the Russian leader, answering a question who in the country makes decisions, has declared that only it one is responsible for decisions in questions external and internal policy, defence, safety. In particular, D.Medvedev has noticed that, can, and it would be glad it to divide with someone, especially during the most drama periods, for example in August 2008., when there was a known conflict on caucasus . However the Russian leader has declared that personally bears responsibility for the decision concerning Georgia in the end of summer 2008. it is not a shame To me with this decision - D.Medvedev has underlined.