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The president: On caucasus it is necessary to create normal living conditions

to struggle with terrorism, it is necessary to create normal conditions for life and to destroy all who has arrived with the terrorist purposes to our country. The president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has declared it in interview to the main political analyst of TV channel ABC news to George Stefanopolusu.
the Head of the state has underlined what to struggle with terrorism exclusively difficult, it is difficult to do it both in Russia, and in America. it is necessary to change psychology of people - he has told.
speaking about one of terrorists, D.Medvedev has noted: It practically the child, to it of 17 years. But it has made for herself the decision which has led to death of a large quantity of people. Why? Also it is the most important question. It is among those who has grown on caucasus. It was married for one of gangsters, and he/she is the foreign mercenary. They has arrived to Russia from one of the countries to fight for the rather doubtful purposes. He has been killed, and the consequence adheres to the version what exactly his wife was one of women who has put in action this explosive mechanism. Why it has made it? Why it has arrived so in relation to absolutely innocent people? It is obvious that here some reasons. In - the first, it is radicalism, and radicalism of absolutely rigid fundamentalist, extremist sense which is peculiar to some people coming from - for borders which combat and against our state, and against many other countries, and operate, as a matter of fact, on the scale of big terrorist internatsionala. They are the same people who sit in Afghanistan, in Pakistan. We constantly catch such citizens or we destroy them and when we look their documents, we see that they have arrived from these countries .
the President also has noticed that threat from Afghanistan, from Pakistan, from some other countries is absolutely same threat which costs and in front of the USA, and these are the same forces. only at us it is still painted in the, maybe, national colour. Therefore power a component it is very important. Also it is really present struggle - D.Medvedev has told. At the same time he has specified that work with usual people is not less important. irreconcilable it is necessary to destroy. But all the others, those who has made a mistake and has got to gangsters owing to any casual circumstances or because to it have powdered brains as it is accepted to speak, have washed out a head, - with them it is possible to work, and it is necessary to return them to normal life. And this most difficult - the head of the state considers.
Coming back in interview to a question on acts of terrorism in the underground, D.Medvedev also has told that it is exclusively difficult theme. The underground is a huge stream of people, and at the moment in the world there is no technology which would allow to define presence of explosives or belts of the condemned man on distance. It is the big and serious problem, it not only technological. I am ready to here in full to co-operate with our American partners. As far as I understand, our American colleagues and the US president are ready besides with our colleagues and with me personally. But it is struggle which we should conduct still long enough time - the president has underlined.