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K.Bakiev sees new capital of Kirghizia in Oshe or Dzhalal Abad

Svergnutyj the president of Kirghizia Kurmanbek Bakiev has suggested to transfer capital of the country from Bishkek on the republic south. Radio station RSN informs on it.
According to the disgraced president of republic, the new authorities can appear in Dzhalal Abad, or in Oshe . Now K.Bakiev is in the south of the country in Dzhalal Abad.
we will remind that K.Bakiev has left Bishkek after the mass riots which have captured capital, having moved at first in Osh, and then to Dzhalal Abad. Then still oppositions the head of republic refused numerous appeals. The same position was kept by the president after provisional government creation led by Rozoj Otunbaevoj.
it is necessary to notice that Kurmanbek Bakiev enjoys considerable support in the south of the country, in particular in the city of Dzhalal Abad.
earlier the provisional government has published the decree about arrest To. Bakieva, however did not hurry special service to execute the order: as a result of collisions of supporters of K.Bakieva with agents of national security civilians will suffer, first of all.