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V.Jushchenko the Former president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has appealed against against S.Bandery`s deprivation of a rank of the Hero of Ukraine

has made the appeal complaint to the decision of Donetsk district administrative court which recognised illegal its decree about assignment to Stepan Bandere ranks of the Hero of Ukraine, informs “ - Ukraine “.
According to V.Jushchenko, the judgement does not answer the present legislation of Ukraine. As the document affirms that authors of the complaint in Donetsk court basically had no right to challenge the presidential decree.
the former president of Ukraine asks to abolish the decision of court and to make decision, which to refuse in satisfaction of the statement of claim. Besides, he asks to attach it to participation in business.
we will remind that the court of Donetsk named the decree of the president illegal for technical reasons. Under the current legislation the citizen of this country can become the Hero of Ukraine only. That S.Bandera never was.
Victor Yushchenko`s Decree has displeased not only in Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine, but also in Russia.
S.Bandera long time headed the Ukrainian nationalist movement. In June 1941ã. Its groups which have entered on territory of the USSR together with army of nazi Germany, the first have rushed into Lvov and have proclaimed creation of the Ukrainian state. Subsequently banderovtsy were at war against Red army, spending including operations against the peace citizens suspected of cooperation with “ east invaders “. It is considered that they are guilty of  destruction more than 100 thousand Russian, Poles, Czechs, Jews. S.Bandera with 1944ã. Lived in Munich where has been killed in 1959ã. The agent of KGB by means of strong poison.