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A.Lukashenko: In Belarus should pass zachistka duly

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko considers that after act of terrorism in the Minsk underground in the country should be spent zachistka. The head of the state has urged to give special attention black kopateljam which can have not registered explosive and the weapon.
Zachistka should pass duly. Life is more expensive. These people who have suffered, their families in what are not guilty. Therefore make it - quotes A.Lukashenko presidential a press - service.
if, having heard me today, all kopateli will not bring not registered weapon and an explosive and they will be found at it, at the concrete person, - immediately under court. Only so we can put things in order - the president has declared.
explosion at metro station October in the centre of Minsk has occurred in the evening on April, 11th. According to all available information, as a result of incident 12 persons were lost.
the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Belarus qualified an event as act of terrorism. Republican KGB asserts that has already established the basic given crime suspected of fulfilment.